The main objective of the CROMATEX's activity is provide technical assistance and guidance to our clients related with the optimization of the quality / cost of their processes and close collaboration in the development of their new articles.


We have an R & D laboratory equipped with the most sophisticated electronic devices to determine the chemical composition and molecular structure of the products simultaneously with production devices that allow us to reproduce in small-scale industrial production processes. This allows us to develop, improve and ensure consistent quality of our products and at the same time, adapt to the current ecology and safety regulations.


We have a laboratory for textile applications that can reproduce accurately both industrial processes: foulard-rame (Mathis) as exhaustion (Mathis). At the same time, we have control elements as spectrophotometer, Spray-test, water column, Martindale, etc.
In the leather laboratory we can do semi-industrial application's tests on all leathers of any size. The laboratory is equipped with stainless steel drums and a chain drums for comparative tests either fatliquoring or dying.

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