The textile industry has evolved in accordance with market requirements in terms of fashion, new technologies and environmental regulations. This has been possible thanks to the awareness and study of each of the states of the chain from yarn to finish and always in line with the chemical manufacturers.


An optimal result will be possible provided that the previous process to finish also meets the requirements set by the market, both in the quality of the thread as scouring treatments, preparation, bleaching, dyeing or printing of fabrics.

The textile market is very large and covers mainly the fashion, technical textiles, industrial clothing, home textiles, geo-textiles, etc.

The textile finishing process is adapted to each of these market sectors providing to the fabrics the necessary properties in each case so that they can satisfy with the quality requirements required by the market.
The main treatments are based on soft finish, fillers, not shrinkable, water repellent, stain resistant, flame-retardant, biological protection, antistatic, hydrophilic, anti-slip. In CROMATEX have a wide range of these quality products to add value to your fabrics.

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