The tanning industry is based on the process of treating raw hides and leather, altering its natural properties, will become semi-finished or finished leather.


This industry has evolved in accordance with market requirements in terms of fashion, new technologies and environmental regulations. This has been possible thanks to the awareness and study of each of the states of the chain from the treatment of raw leather to finish, and always in line with the chemical manufacturers. 


The leather market is very large and covers mainly the footwear, clothing for fashion and protection, upholstery for furniture and automotive, fine leather goods, gloves, sports, chamois, etc.


The treatment of leather and hides will be adjust depending on the leather type and end use, thus the skin treated can satisfy with the quality requirements required by the market. 


Wet treatments like cleaning, beam house, mineral or vegetable tanning, dyeing and finishing are the best known treatments that leather are submitted. 


In CROMATEX have a wide range of high quality chemical products like Biocides, Beam house, Fat liquors, Tanning resins, Syntans and Waterproof agents to that add value to your leather articles.


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